Open Access Policy

Open Acces Policy

Medical Profession Journal of Lampung (Medula) is dedicated to facilitating and exchanging knowledge for the benefit of the country and the world, particularly in the field of health. Research knowledge can be disseminated globally for the good of society. This indicates:

  1. Access to every paper published in Medula is unrestricted and free.
  2. All articles in Medula can be downloaded in their entirety, and readers without membership are free to utilize published journal articles as references with the appropriate citation of the original publication.
  3. Our journal is supported by authors, institutions, or research funding that pays a small APC.



Any portion of the article published by medula, including the figures and tables, may be reused without obtaining a separate license. Any portion of articles that have been published under the open access Creative Common CC BY license may be used again without asking as long as the original material is properly cited. Reusing an article does not imply support from the Medula or its authors.


Meaning of Open Acces

Open access (OA) refers to the unrestricted use of electronic resources and open access to information for all users. Digital content of any form, including text, data, software, audio, video, and multi-media, can be open access. Most of these are text-only, but an increasing number of them combine text with graphics, data, and executable code. Non-scholarly content, like as books, movies, and music, can also be covered by OA. The article processing charge (APC), which is a common practice in this paradigm, is commonly used to require authors to cover the costs associated with publication. eLife and PLOS-published publications are two examples of this type of open access.


A publication is considered in Open access if:

  • its content is widely and freely accessible, at no cost to the reader, via the Internet or another method;
  • The right to use, copy, or distribute the item is unconditionally granted by the author or copyright owner to all users, subject to the requirements of correct attribution, for an indefinite amount of time.
  • It is instantly, fully, and in an appropriate electronic format deposited in at least one widely acknowledged, international open access repository that is dedicated to open access.
  • Open Access publishing, commonly referred to as Gold OA, is a type of open access when a publisher makes all articles and related materials linked to a specific journal immediately available for free on the website of the journal.