Blood Presure at Hospital Admission as Hemorrhagic Stroke Predictive Factor of Mortality in Dr. H. Abdul Moeloek General Hospital,Bandar Lampung 2018 to 2019


  • Rendy Septianto Medical Faculty, Lampung University
  • Fidha Rahmayani
  • Dian Isti Angraini



hemorrhagic stroke, mean arterial pressure, mortality


Hemorrhagic stroke is a health problem that needs special attention due to the raising of morbidity and mortality incidence that it causes. The most important risk factor which is underlying hemorrhagic stroke is high blood pressure. High hospital admission blood pressure can leads to a poor prognosis through several mechanisms. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship of hospital admission blood pressure as a mortality predictor factor of hemorrhagic stroke patients in Abdul Moeloek Hospital of Bandar Lampung. Type of this research is observational analytic with retrospective cohort study design. The study was conducted in October – November 2019 using medical records. The population of this study is hemorrhagic stroke patients in Abdul Moeloek Hospital in the period of January 2018 – Agustus 2019 with a total of 133 samples selected using consecutive sampling. Bivariate analysis using chi square test between hospital admission blood pressure and mortality obtained a p value of 0,760 and RR of 0,911 with 95% CI 0,496-1,673. The conclusion of this research ini hospital admission blood pressure is not a mortality predictor factor of hemorrhagic stroke.


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