Holistic Management Of Tuberculous Lymphadenitis In 5 Years Old Boy Using Family Medicine Approach In Way Kandis Public Health Center : A Case Report


  • Ghaaliya Dyah Adheline fakultas kedokteran universitas lampung
  • Dian Isti Angarini




Family medicine, Tuberculous Lymphadenitis, holistic management



Lymphadenitis Tuberculosis is a type of tuberculosis disease that occurs outside the lungs caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. According to WHO, in 2021 global TB cases were estimated at 9,9 million cases with 43% the most cases located in Southeast Asia and Indonesia contributing 8.4% of cases of all global TB cases. Holistically appropriat treatment using a family medicine approach is needed to achieve therapeutic success. Applying the principle of doctor service according to the problems found in patients and carrying out holistic and comprehensive management which includes patient centered, family approach and community oriented based on Evidence Based Medicine. Primary data were obtained through autoanamnesis, physical examination, home visits to complete family and psychosocial data, as well as the environment. Assessment based on a holistic diagnosis from the beginning, process and end of the study is carried out quantitatively and  qualitatively. An. J, aged 5 years, came with a complaint of the intermitten appearance of a lump on the neck since 5 months ago. Round lumps sized like marbles with a diameter of ± 2cm, chewy consistency, flat surface, well-defined, mobile, painless, not warm, and has 2 pieces, then the patient went to a pediatric and underwent needle aspiration for histopathological examination. Clinically and the results of supporting examinations the patient was diagnosed with Lymphadenitis Tuberculosis. Internal  risks are in the form of patient young age and nutritional intake of patients which are not in accordance with balanced nutrition guidelines. External risks include a history of similar complaints in the family, poor home hygiene and lack of family knowledge. Based on the results of the evaluation, it was found that there was an increase in understanding of the disease assessed through pretest and posttest and changes in behavior.


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