Management Of 34 Years Old Women With Tinea Pedis Through Family Medicine Approach


  • Ahmad Rizki Dwi Prasetia Medical Faculty Lampung University
  • Rizal Effendi



Family medicine approach, Itching, Tinea pedis


Tinea pedis is a dermatophyte fungal infection that has the property of eroding keratin in tissues, especially on the feet. Tinea pedis is found in people with poor personal hygiene, the environment, and foot care. Prevention of tinea pedis can be done by using PPE when making contact with causative factors or improving personal hygiene. Mrs. M, 34 years old, came with complaints of itching and pain in between the right toes. Itching has been felt since 1 week ago. The patient says the complaint is often recurring. It is known that the patient is a housewife and often has contact with water because she always washes her family's clothes. The patient never wears footwear when washing and often leaves his feet wet when he finishes washing clothes. It is known that the patient lives with 6 other family members and the house is a bit damp. The patient was diagnosed as tinea pedis. The evaluation results obtained were a decrease in clinical symptoms and an increase in patient and family knowledge. In holistic management with a family doctor approach to Mrs. M with tinea pedis adapted to EBM. The interventions carried out have increased patient knowledge and changed some of the behavior of patients and their families, which is indicated by improvements in the final holistic diagnostic.


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