Holistic Management Of 49 Years Old Female Patient With Thypoid Fever Through The Family Doctor Approach In Primary Care


  • Mashitoh Nur Iqlima Universitas Lampung
  • Dian Isti Angraini




: Dokter keluarga, penatalaksanaan holistik, demam tifoid


Thypoid fever is an acute infection caused by Salmonella sp. Typhoid fever is still a health problem in developing countries and tropical countries such as Indonesia. In Indonesia, the incidence of typhoid fever ranges from 350-810 per 100,000 population. The approach taken by family doctors does not only focus on patient centered, but also uses strategies that are family approach and community oriented to support the success of treatment and control of typhoid fever. The aim of this study is to identifying risk factors, clinical problems, and providing management to patients with the application of holistic, evidence-based medicine-based family doctor services through a patient-centered approach and a family approach. The analysis of this study is case report. Primary data were obtained through history taking, physical examination and home visits to complete family data, psychosocial and environmental data. Secondary data were obtained from patient medical records at primary care. Assessment is carried out based on a holistic diagnosis from the start, process, and end of the study quantitatively and qualitatively. Patient Mrs. S, 49 years old, came to the clinic with complaints of fever, weakness, nausea, muscle pain, abdominal pain, especially in the pit of the stomach and decreased appetite since 1 week. The patient was diagnosed with typhoid fever through the results of the history and physical examination and was supported by a Widal examination. The management of typhoid fever is given considering the results of evidence based medicine. After the intervention, there was a decrease in clinical symptoms, an increase in knowledge and changes in the behavior of patients and their families.


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