Hemostasis Disturbance and Covid-19


  • Archie Avicenna Muhammad UNILA
  • Putu Ristyaning Ayu Sangging universitas lampung
  • Agustyas Tjiptaningrum universitas lampung
  • Helmi Ismunandar universitas lampung




Covid-19, Hemostasis


Hemostasis is the process of spontaneous cessation of blood from damaged blood vessels or due to rupture or tearing of blood vessels. SARS-CoV2 or otherwise known as COVID-19 coronavirus is a single-stranded RNA virion, has 4 genera: alpha, beta, gamma and delta. Impaired hemostasis in COVID-19 is a combination of hypercoagulation and impaired fibrinolysis, contributing to the risk of thrombosis. Using a literature review study. This article was created by summarizing the sources of information obtained from 25 articles and international journals published in the 2012-2022 period and one book published by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. Covid-19 is a disease caused by SARS-CoV 2, which damages tissue microcirculation that starts in the lungs and spreads to other organs. Covid-19 affects blood hemostasis, downregulation of ACE-2 when the virus enters infected cells or hyperinduction of cytokine production, a large number of COVID-19 patients develop signs of hypercoagulability, thrombocytopenia, and hyperfibrinolysis. The formation of thrombotic complications. To see the disturbances in blood hemostasis, a test such as PT, aPTT, TT, fibrinogen, and D-dimer can be performed.

Author Biographies

Putu Ristyaning Ayu Sangging, universitas lampung



Agustyas Tjiptaningrum, universitas lampung



Helmi Ismunandar, universitas lampung




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